Pay Assessments
Making your payment for your assessments is easy with the following options:
   Be sure to have your account number to complete any payments.
   All Payments are made payable to Greensprings West Owners Association
   Assessments for 2024 are $91 per month / $1092 per year
Visit Truist’s online payment system at and click the Pay Now link to make a payment online or enroll in automatic payment.
Pay by Card Payment – A one-time payment using a credit/debit card
Pay by eCheck – A one-time electronic funds transfer by ACH debit from your checking or savings account at a U.S. financial institution.
Enroll in Association Pay – Authorize recurring electronic funds transfers by ACH debit from your checking or savings account at a U.S. financial institution through Truist Association Pay.
  •  A convenience fee is not charged for payments made online by eCheck.
Payments made by Accepted Card
  •  Debit Card - A flat convenience fee of $4.95, per transaction, will be charged for payments made online by debit card.
  •  Credit Card - A convenience fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount will be charged for payments made online by credit card.
Mail payments to Truist P.O. Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862-8207 
  Be sure to include your account number and property address on the check and use the coupons provided
  by the Association for payment by check.
  • Making Payments at a Truist Financial Center
Payments are accepted at Truist financial centers with a Truist Association Services payment coupon. Payments will post the following business day.
  • WEB Bill Pay through your bank:
Refer to the instructions included in your coupon book or with your statement when using an online bill pay service. In most instances, payments received from a Bill Pay Service are not processed on the same day that funds are debited from your account. Depending upon the method of payment and delivery used by your Bill Pay Provider, payments may take up to five business days or more to be posted to your association’s account. When using a Bill Pay Service it is advisable to schedule your payment for a date well in advance of the due date.
Ensure your online bill pay set-up reflects the following:
Payee Account Number: Use the bill pay account number located on your coupon. The number is listed as:
Bill Pay Account Number: Do not add any other letters, numbers or identifying words in the account number area. The bill pay account number is unique to each property address and payment obligation. If you own more than one property or if you have more than one payment obligation, you will have different bill pay numbers for each payment.
Payee Name: Greensprings West Homeowners Association Inc.
Payee Address: P.O. Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862-8207
Payee Phone: 888-722-6669